It is manufactured ion form of shapeless pieces with size up to 150 mm. The transportation is effected in bulk and also packing in soft disposable containers (Big-Bag type) made from polyethylene fabric.

It is used in:

  1. manufacturing of liquid glass (water solution of block silicate);
  2. machine-building: binding material for manufacturing of rods and forms of welding electrodes;
  3. paper industry: for the impregnation of paper pulp, as glue for cardboard, corrugated tar
  4. in chemistry and petrol chemistry: in manufacturing of synthetic cleaning agents, silicate paints, catalysts for oil cracking, white carbon, silica-gel, anti-corrosion primes;
  5. in light industry: as a impregnation and fixative agent for bleaching and dyeing of fabrics;
  6. and also for the manufacturing of pastes, casting, flotation.

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